Diversity at the heart of our concerns and our actions.

Our team works every day to make the Amadeus World as accessible and as inclusive as possible. This involves the following various programs or commitments:

Work Accessibility Program:

Professional Equality Program:

  • When an employee has not progressed in level for the past six years, the agreement on professional equality between women and men has allowed three-party meetings to be organized (if the employee so wishes) with his manager and P&C. If you are concerned,

  • The Professional Equality Commission met on July 27:

In line with 2020, and the still marked impacts of the health situation, 2021 continues to see the deterioration of major indicators of professional equality. Among the indicators pointing downwards, we find the wage gap between women and men, which has increased (4.6% in 2021 vs 4.1% in 2020), the proportion of women hired on permanent contracts stands at 21%, the ceiling of glass which increased further from grade 12, etc.

The improvement in the economic situation, the measures put in place via the agreement signed in 2021 as well as the continued opening of courses towards higher grades should allow a return to the pre-CoVid dynamic.

  • We regret that the mandatory equality index cannot be calculated for the year 2021 (the company considers that it did not grant an increase in 2021, which makes several parameters incalculable).

Pink October:

The CFDT campaigns to develop the prevention of breast cancer linked to the professional environment.(Article by Catherine PINCHAUT, National Secretary of the CFDT in 2020)

Collective and individual support approaches in the face of this risk are offered by the CFDT because certain occupational exposures that can lead to breast cancer are little known.

Risk factors can and must be the subject of enhanced prevention. It is essential to protect the health of the workers concerned by preventive measures and information in companies targeting exposure to occupational risks.

CSE of September 30 brief update

Updates from the secretary:

  • The June URSSAF audit of the CSE went well. Minor points were quickly clarified.

  • The CSE budget for social and cultural activities is balanced with an estimate of 99% use expected at the end of 2022

Ticketing, Sports and Cultural Clubs and Events
ALREADY USED (end of August) 60%
Children's activities
ALREADY USED (end of August) 67%
  • Participate, for the last time, on the morning of December 3, from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., at Luna Park (Palais des Expositions in Nice)
Vacation activities
ALREADY USED (end of August) 62%
  • Enthusiasm for major trips and Ski Clubs 2023, which are all full, with waiting lists

Chèques Vacances (ANCV), Cultural and universal service employment (CESU)
ALREADY USED (end of August) 77%


Endorsement of the agreement of Plan d’Epargne d’Entreprise (PEE) :   

Following the Amadeus France sas merger, the CSE issued a favorable opinion on the amendment to the migration of the PEE (Company Savings Plan) of the employees of Issy-les Moulineaux and Schiltigheim from ESALIA to Natixis.   

The   Natixis funds  are:

  • Natixis ES Monétaire (part I) 
  • Avenir Monde Shares(part I) 
  • Solidarity Performance Impact (SRI) Return (part I) 
  • DNCA Mixed SRI selection 
  • Amadeus IT GROUP Shares 

Three new funds have been created for this purpose and are closed to any payment and any arbitration entering from the filing of this amendment.

  • Natixis ES Money market (part 2)
  • Future Global Equities (part 2)
  • Solidarity Performance Impact (ISR) (part 2)

Information on the Health, Safety and Working Conditions Commission (CSSCT):

The SSCT commission met on September 27. The topics discussed:

  • Information regarding the Wellbeing program
  • The Quality of Life at Work (QVT) becomes the Quality of Life and Working Conditions (QVCT). Find out more here
  • Single Risk Assessment Document (DUER) listing the risks to which employees are exposed to and the solutions provided. If you are exposed to an unidentified risk, let us know.
  • Information on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) such as the implementation of the Mobility Challenge, new bicycle parking lots, setting up beehives, etc…
  • Topics like accidents at work, Covid health situation, presence on site
  • Medical service centralized by Nice, extension of the geographical scope of social workers and psychologists
  • Information for the sites of Sophia-Antipolis et Villeneuve-Loubet:
    • 26 new charging stations for electric cars. To date, 119 charging stations are available (52 in Sophia and 67 in Bel Air).
    • Information on work completed and in progress on the Nice sites,
    • Helios project presented in large scale
  • Information for the sites Issy-Les-Moulineaux et Schiltigheim:
    • Malika Sadi (Issy-Les-Moulineaux) et Elodie Martz (Schiltigheim) have joined the CSSCT.
    • A visit by the SSCT Commission is scheduled for December 5 in Issy-Les-Moulineaux and December 6 in Schiltigheim.
    • Development work on the new ‘Bords de Seine’ site in Issy-Les-Moulineaux and preparation for the move.

Useful information:

If you encounter a problem withdisplay of RTTs in Workday, some employees have lost part of these recovery days to be taken before the end of August 2022. No need to worry about them! The days of paid leave taken before the end of August 2022 will be restored up to the amount of the RTTs lost. If you think you are affected:

    • Check the summary on your payslip (more details newsletter #112)
    • If you notice the loss of RTTs, contact your P&C

Why do Minutes (PV – Procès-Verbal) take time to be published?

Minutes is a legal document that go the following steps:

  1. Audio recording of the CSE meeting,
  2. Transcription sur Procès Verbal (PV),
  3. Submission to proofreading with elected officials and management who may request corrections,
  4. Approval during a subsequent CSE,
  5. Signature from the CSE secreatary,
  6. Publication on the CSE Minutes page.

Did you know?

  • The exceptional release of the PEE (Company Savings Plan), before Dec 31-2022, for any funds invested before Jan 1-2022. Additional information:

  • Subscribe to https://www.monecowatt.fr/ to receive alerts of possible power cuts and get ideas for saving energy.

CFDT Federation Updates on Communication, Consulting and Culture (F3C

Depending on your location of professional activity, here are the unions to which you could belong:

    • Syndicat F3C Côte d’Azur
    • Syndicat Betor-Pub (Ile de France)
    • Syndicat S3C Alsace
  • Summary of the 35th Federal National Committee 3C that took place on Oct 4-6

Twice a year, all the unions of the F3C federation meet to share their demands and discuss upcoming topics. The following topics were discussed:

    • Focus on the union training plan.
    • How climate change has consequences for working conditions and health.
    • The December public elections (La Poste, Orange and National Education) with the objective of consolidating our 1st place at the National Level.
  • The 5th F3C Côte d’Azur Union Congress will take place on October 21. During this event, organized every 4 years, the Union Office, as well as, all the bodies allowing the Union to function, will be renewed.
  • After 40 years, at last, a woman from the CFDT chairs the Prud’hommes (Industrial Tribunal) of Fréjus. See article.