Value sharing bonus. Opportunity to cope with the inflation and the increase in the cost of life.

During the October 28 CSE meeting, the Amadeus CFDT, again, challenged Management on the advisability of allowing its employees to benefit from the exceptional measure of a sharing value (PPV)⁣ premium⁣ put in place by the government.

Many companies take into account the consequences of inflation on the daily lives of their employees. The media report it extensively. Some companies have offered pay raises, others, bonuses, and many both. Airbus has recently announced the payment of a bonus of up to 1,500 euros to employees.

At Air France, salary increases and the payment of a bonus have been made, despite the great financial difficulty the company is going through.

Question: Does Amadeus SAS intend to pay a bonus before the end of 2022 to compensate for the exceptional inflation and skyrocketing energy prices and will the company also benefit from the PPV scheme, a temporary scheme allowing the company to pay a bonus which may go up to 3000 euros, exempt from charges and not taxable for a majority of the employees? Alternatively, how does Amadeus SAS intend to help its employees absorb this price increase? 

The Amadeus SAS management replied that it did not intend to pay PPV to employees. The company refers to the NAO Mandatory Annual Negotiations and indicates that it had communicated, in 2022, on the exceptional mechanism for unlocking employee savings in 2022 ⁣⁣set up by the government.

This position is not acceptable in the current economic context when the group is posting excellent quarterly⁣⁣⁣ financial results (published on November 4). Using our savings to meet day-to-day expenses does not seem fair or equitable to us.

We remain mobilized for the next NAO and are more attentive than ever to the fair sharing of the value created by the collective work. 

Update: CSE of October 28.

Responses to individual and collective complaints:

  • Telecommuting allowance 3 days a week: in order to receive the full allowance, it is imperative to respect and declare in Workday/Time 12 days of “Work From Home” per month (See details in newsletter #112). In the event of an anomaly or a question to be raised, contact us.
  • For employees of Issy-les-Moulineaux and Schiltigheim: The migration of the declaration of working time, absences and payslip in Workday is scheduled for January 1, 2023. It may be useful to make note of your vacation counters in order to be able to ensure that they are correctly migrated.
  • All expense reports, such as trips to the Paris suburbs are done via Cytric   ->⁣⁣⁣ Expense ⁣⁣⁣-> My Expense Statement

Miscellaneous Information:

  • Integration of people with disabilities European week, from 14 to 20 November.
  • The same information on the evolution of the organizations within TRU and TEC was presented to the CSE and simultaneously communicated to the employees via the intercoms. Do not hesitate to send us your questions and concerns.
  • The 2021 health, pension as well as supplementary retirement pensions costs were presented.

News from the Secretary:

  • The elected officials are currently studying the CSE 2023 budget, which will be voted, before the end of this year.
  • For the kids:
    • Children’s updates will no longer be synchronized every end of the month, with management information.
    • Check the composition of your family, if necessary do not hesitate to contact the CSE
    • Do not forget to register your family for the forthcoming Christmas events:
      • At Luna park,  for Nice employees, in Nice on the morning of December 3, registration ends on November 30.
      • The Christmas show, in Antibes, on December 11, 2 sessions in the afternoon, end of registration December 5.
      • The Christmas gift voucher ⁣⁣of 50 euros for children under 16, registration ends on December 21.
  • Vacation:
    • The cost, for work in the new apartment at La Foux, has been signed.
    • Weekend in London, in December, was a great success with around 130 registered for only 30 places.
    • All long-haul trips, in 1st semester 2023, have been closed during registration and all have waiting lists.
    • For skiing holidays everything is complete with no waiting list.

The 15 members of the CSE present during the consultation (5 CFDT, 2 CFTC, 4 CFE-CGC and 3 CGT) voted in favor of: replacing the vacancy of the 5th member of the procurement committee.

The last four Minutes of Q3 have been validated and will soon be visible on the CSE Minutes publication page 

Did you know?

  • Contribution of ⁣ Plan Epargne Entreprise-PEE under Natixis.⁣ ⁣If the 2022 indicator ⁣contribution, ⁣on the site, ⁣⁣is not green with the mention “Contribution obtained 600.00 EUR”, you only have a few days left to get it, the deadline being the end of November, unless you have set up a direct debit of at least EUR 25.00 per month to reach 300 EUR per year (more details ‘Company savings plan‘)  .

  • The additional seniority vacation days credit, i.e. +1 day every 5 years, 6 days maximum, is allocated just after your seniority anniversary date (‘Continuous Service Date’ ⁣in your Workday profile).⁣ It will be deducted, with priority, from your paid vacation days.

5th F3C Côte d’Azur congress on October 21st in brief

On October 21, the 5th congress of the F3C Côte d’Azur union was held, the quorum was reached (3575 mandates out of 5553).
The following points were endorsed:  
  • Validation of all documents: Statutes, Internal Regulation, Financial Charter and General Guidance Text (TOG)
  • Election of a new office with 13 members out of 15, the two free places being reserved for the two missing poles: Culture Animation and Sport (CAS) and Media.
    • The Amadeus section is represented by: Géraldine, Lionel and Jean-Christophe.
    • 4 women and 9 men (for parity you need at least 5 women and 5 men so one of the two missing members must be a woman)
    • The ten members present appointed:
      • General Secretary: Christophe Rey (pole: Poste Finances Distribution PFD) 
      • Deputy General Secretary: Géraldine Brunstein (pole: Conseil Pub)
      • Treasurer: Yves Garaix (pole: Poste Finances Distribution PFD)
      • Executive Committee: by right three above, Fabien Figlia (pole: Telecom and Service Provider) + Magali Boyer (pole: Poste Finances Distribution PFD) while waiting for a member of one of the two poles not represented.
      • Organizational Development and Training (DOF): ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣not filled but will be seen at the 1st meeting of the Union Bureau, at the end of November.