Salary Negotiations!

During the July CSE session, we asked for the opening of exceptional negotiations concerning wages, given the current and future economic context (Inflation, energy prices, retention, resignations, overwork …)

Management replied that since the situation is global, this subject should be addressed at the European CE level.

A preparatory meeting was held in Madrid, on September 8 and 9. Two CFDT Amadeus France elected officials worked together with the other representatives of the European countries concerned.

The aim is to challenge Luis Maroto (CEO Amadeus Group) on the need and urgency of corrective measures.

CSE of August 28, in brief

News from the Chairman: 

  • The « Professional integration and continued employment of disabled workers » agreement will soon be presented to the unions for signature. Newsletter #113
  • A new indicator will be published annually : Ratio of Women & Menin local top management roles. Objectives: 30% in 2026 and 40% in 2029.
  • Restaurant :
    • Peak attendance (75%) is between 12:00 and 12:30. To avoid the crowds, consider taking a lunch break from 12:30 on.

    • The service of « connected fridges » is available on both sites. Communications on the proposed offers are expected.
    • Coffee shop open between 12 noon and 2 p.m.: Solutions will be studied when budgets return.

    • Too Good To Go : Fight against food waste, where surplus unsold food items are offered at very reduced costs. From September 19,  3 surprise items, for 3 euros, will be offered. Items must be collected from the Coffee Hub (Sophia and Bel-Air), on Fridays, between 3:30pm and 5:00pm. 

  • Summer party : Many people have already responded, including around 70 colleagues from Paris and Strasbourg.
  •  Helios Project  in progress, awaiting the release of the result on the 4 streams and clarification regarding potential changes to the law.
  • The Chairman presented the financial results published for the 1st half of 2022. Encouraging results in the 2nd quarter. 

News from the Secretary :  

  • The 2022 CSE budget has been secured, presentation of the accounts until the end of August, at the next CSE.
  • Clubs :
    • Several clubs have been able to start their activities on the « new  multi-sport terrace » in Sophia Antipolis.
    • The new « Clubs Charte » will be finalized and presented to club officials.
  • Holidays:
    • The new apartment in La Foux must be renovated before being rented out for this winter.
    • Opening of voyages for early 2023 : Ski Clubs, Kenya, Cuba and South Africa.
  • Children:
    • « Back to school » vouchers can be ordered until the end of September for pupils or the end of October for students.
    • Christmas show for children scheduled for Sunday afternoon, December 11.
  • New members in the working groups.

The 12 CSE members present during the consultations (5 CFDT, 4 CFTC, 2 CFE-CGC and 1 CGT) voted as follows:

  • In favor :
    • The implementation of the « Speak Up » policy tool.
    • The 2021 economic and financial situation and forecast for 2022
    • The assignment of the CSE secretary within the framework of the action in progress transmitted with the heritage of the Amadeus France CSE
  • Against:
    • The company’s social policy, and the 2021 working conditions and employment.

Complaints of the CFDT :

We reported inconsistencies in “KM Allowances” between the 2 sites (page Néo Transportation Allowance ). Management has taken note of this and should make the necessary corrections.

Now we are ONE Amadeus in France!

Soon as the merger project was announced, the CFDT Amadeus section members started to actively participate in the development of the transition agreement and kept you regularly informed of the updates (Newsletter #110 , Newsletter #114 )

Effective August 1, 2022, the Issy-les-Moulineaux, Schiltigheim, Sophia-Antipolis and Villeneuve-Loubet sites were grouped into one single legal entity in France. Therefore, employees of all these sites will be represented by the elected representatives of Nice, until the elections of December 2023.
New designated members have been added to the CFDT Amadeus section, as follows:


CSE Transition Representative  


Member of the CSSCT
Santé & Sécurité au Travail


European Works Council
Conseiller du Salarié

Did you know?

  • For leisure travel, you can now use discounted “Corporate” (hotel rates using Value for You).
  • You can find the Minutes of the CSE here Néo CSE Minutes.
  • Soon you will have the possibility of an early release of your Company Savings Plan. Natixis is working on an interface, which will allow you to perform this transaction without having to pay taxes. More details available here.
  • Reinforcement of national aid for the purchase of a bicycle:Click here.