Newsletter #110 – Salary increase/bonus and merge of Amadeus France/Nice

Salary increase, individual bonus and other benefits in 2022

In the last newsletter, we have presented the NAO (Négociation Annuelle Obligatoire). It’s now over. Here are the key figures, followed by our analysis and planned follow-up:

  • 2022 increase budget: 3% (on average).
  • Promotion budget 2022: Maintained but not quantified (In 2020: 552 promotions and in 2021: 429 promotions with an average increase of about 6%)
  • Increase budget with adjustments in 2022: amount not communicated (In 2021, for only 15 to 20% of employees) 
  • Equality budget: annual envelope of 200K EUR negotiated at the end of 2021.
  • Individual bonus maintained: 5%.
  • Staff company bonus (« l’intéressement ») : 6.6%
  • Additional participation: 5,5% according to the agreement signed by CFDT in 2016.
  • Additional bonus for Global Grading 11 and 12 when « Exceeding Expectation (EE) » and « Outstanding Performance (OP) ».

More info

  • The possible contribution to the PEE remains at 600 Euros.
  • Recruitment in Nice is starting up again and will perhaps reduce the pressure by reducing the individual workload: 400 open positions for 2022.
  • Incentive bonus of 1000 Euros (as in 2020).
  • Request for change in method by management for calculation of TW allowances. (keeping the same budget).

The vast majority of employees have invested a lot during this pandemic period. The structural savings made by Amadeus to support its profitability are essentially borne by all of us.

Some employees have accepted a salary reduction in 2020. The same and many others have had to bear a very large increase in workload to compensate for the reduction in staff, i.e. about 700 employees who no longer work for Amadeus and the many consultants who have been dismissed.

For all these reasons, we have with the other unions:

  • Demanded with the inter-union a minimum increase of 150 euros gross per month and a 10% salary increase envelope.
  • Proposed additional measures and argued during several meetings to take into consideration the investment and loyalty of all employees still present who have managed to keep the company running/turning until the takeover which is now coming.

Unfortunately, the management’s proposal is disappointing for many because it does not meet our expectations to preserve YOUR living and purchasing power. The decision of the CFDT is therefore not to sign the management’s proposal.


For the CFDT, the objective is to continue to question management and continue to protect your interests and defend your demands. And as far as possible, in an inter-union framework, we will try to combine our efforts with our other elected colleagues. The CFDT team will keep you informed of developments in the discussions with management.

We invite you to give us your feedback on all these points, in order to better understand your needs and concerns.

Merge of Amadeus France sas (Paris-Strasbourg) and Amadeus sas (Nice)

On Thursday, February 3, 2022, an extraordinary session of the CSE was held with management. They announced of the merge of Amadeus France sas (ACO Paris & Gestour Strasbourg) with Amadeus sas (Nice).

According to management, there should be no impact on the employees of all the sites, either structurally and organizationally or in terms of jobs.

Management’s objective is to make this merger legally effective on August 1, 2022. Until this date, the trade unions of Amadeus France sas will have to negotiate a transitional agreement in order to temporarily harmonize the common working provisions that will apply between Amadeus France sas and Amadeus sas.

We invite you to contact us in this context in order to share your experiences, your questions and your concerns.