Support Ukraine

The CFDT invites its members to contribute to the support fund for Ukrainians launched by the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC).

Since February 23 and the attack on their territory by the Russian army, the lives of Ukrainians have been turned upside down. The two ITUC-affiliated trade union organizations, the UPF (Federation of Ukrainian Trade Unions) and the KPVU (Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Ukraine), workers and their families need help. « The Ukrainian population is physically threatened, families are fleeing their homes to seek refuge in neighboring countries, while others are taking shelter from the bombs that are falling on the major cities. Professional life has come to a halt… », warns the ITUC. Medical supplies, hygiene articles, food and water… the needs of the population are multiple. Faced with this emergency, the international trade union movement is acting. In order to support the Ukrainian people, the ITUC has launched an appeal for donations. An appeal to which the CFDT has responded. The CFDT invites its organizations and members to participate in this action.

To respond to the appeal of the International Trade Union Confederation:

All the funds collected will be transmitted by the ITUC to the UFP and the KPVU to support their humanitarian work in Ukraine.”

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March 8 International Women's Day + CFDT Virtual Café

We continue to highlight and acknowledge the role that women continue to play in their families, communities and careers.

Women are an integral part of the driving forces, making the extra effort to ensure the resilience of our company in times of crisis. Depuis 2020, les femmes ont réussi à surmonter de nombreux défis tant professionnels que personnels.

At Amadeus, as in the entire IT sector, the CFDT actively strives to ensure that women are recognized. Thus, through our demands and actions, we work for equal treatment and parity Women – Men.

We are campaigning for equal integration, collaboration and remuneration. In this respect, the agreement negotiated and improved last December on gender equality is the best example.

Concrete Measures Achieved :

  • ”Catching up” budget of 200k per year for 4 years for equal pay.
  • Creation of on demand special “Tri-Party” mediations for female and male employees.

We ensure that women have equal opportunities to access high-level jobs and that maternity leave does not have a negative impact on their careers.

We wish all women a great day, especially on this occasion.

Women at Amadeus Nice:

0 %
0 %
0 %
Top 10 salaries
0 %
0 %
Senior managers
0 %
Associate directors
0 %

Salaries of women (compared to men) at Amadeus Nice:

0 %
all ages
0 %
Less than 40 yo
0 %
40-49 yo
0 %
50 yo or more


2021 Promotion14% – Almost equality between women and men !

Within the unions, the legal parity imposed has been respected.

2020, work – Life balance Cumulative part-time :81% Women

  • Part-time early childhood parental work : 89% women
  • Chosen part-time: 78% women

We continue to inform you on the impact to your career development and are involved in changing mindsets to improve equality between women and men.