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A PDF version will be available only for a couple of days if a copy is needed. A PDF version will be available only for a couple of days if a copy is needed.
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To be reported regularly for mileage and telework allowances to be taken into account.

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Attention: for half-days DO NOT FORGET to enter 0,5 (with a comma “,” not a period “.”) instead of 1.

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Submission of vacation or other absences

« Balances » (on left), must be set to 31st May YY. Here is anexplanationon vacation acquisitions and take periods.

Monitoring the professional integration and continued employment of disabled workers agreement

Since 2014, CFDT has always been a source of proposals and representation of the 3 agreements on the professional integration and continued employment of disabled workers. (last agreement of 2020-2022).

The main axes are:

  1. Retention in employment and digital accessibility
  2. Sourcing, school relations, recruitment & integration
  3. Partnerships
  4. Awareness training at all levels of management and staf f

With the last potential renewal of the 2023-2025 agreement, we will focus on consolidating the existing agreement
and prepare for its exit. We will continue to pay close attention to this issue.

Here is a follow-up and review 2021:

New RQTH declarations
0 +
Offices assigned onsite
Equipments made available at home
Digital accessibility interventions
Recruitment sessions
RQTH recrutements


  • 5 partnerships in a protected environment: ESAT (Etablissements ou Services d’Aide par le Travail) orEA (Entreprise Adaptée)
  • 2 « other partnerships » : withschool institutions students and job seekers with co-financed training courses

Awareness training:

  • New e-learning modules
  • Dedicated e-learning modules for managers

RQ T H Employment rates:

In dark blue: Objective
In light blue: Achievement

Budget 2021:

  • Actual credit: 621 590,96 including the remainder from previous years
  • Spent: 467 852,43

Achievement for 2022: 153 738,53€ not spent

  • Maintaining the existing axes of the agreement by keeping the company standard “HandiAccueillante”
  • Creation, on March 4, 2022of “Diversity & Inclusion” ambassadors with monthly meetings, a “Teams” group and a dedicated SharePoint for the 33 volunteers in Nice
  • From May 15 to 22, return of the sporting events after 2 years of absence, with a new marathon proposal now called “The great challenge” in place of “FreeHandise”. We support the 2 Amadeus teams of 8, half with disabilities, taking part in this year’s course from Clermont-Ferrand to Paris. Go Teams Amadeus! Please provide your support to the teams!

More information on Yammer!

Union Council CFDT F3C Côte d’Azur

The F3C Côte d’Azur union, to which the Amadeus section is attached, held a Union Council on May 4, 2022, to recruit volunteers for the Union Office (BS).

We are pleased to announce that Jean-Christophe Aguilar and Geraldine Brunstein from the Amadeus section, were elected with 98.7% of the votes.

In total, 8 new members were elected to enable F3C Cote D’Azur to function normally. As a result the Union Congress, organised every 4 years with the purpose define all the mandates of the F3C Côte d’Azur union, will take place as soon as possible. This will redefine all F3C Côte d’Azur’s proxies.

If you are interested or if you have any questions, please contact us!