Merger-absorption of Amadeus France

As part of the merger-absorption of company Amadeus France(combining the sites of Issy-les Moulineaux and Schiltigheim) by company Amadeus S.A.S. (Sophia-Antipolis), a transition agreement was negotiated and signed on May 20, 2022, by the 4 trade union organizations representing Amadeus France and the management of Amadeus S.A.S.

For the financial part (closing of accounts), the merger will be retroactive to January 1, 2022. Knowing that Amadeus France employees will lose several acquired benefits, an exceptional profit-sharing supplement will be paid to them, in July.

Effective August 1, 2022 :

  • The 150 employees of Issy-les Moulineaux and Schiltigheim will be considered as employees of Amadeus S.A.S.
  • Application of the Amadeus S.A.S working time agreement will start.
  • 6 transitional elected representatives (2 CSSCT and 4 CSE), among the elected representatives of the CSE of Amadeus France, will remain at the disposal of the employees of Issy-les Moulineaux and Schiltigheim until December 2023, the scheduled date of the next elections.

Octobre 1, the switch to Amadeus S.A.S. mutuelle and prévoyance insurances will take place.

To help Amadeus France employees ensure that they do not suffer net salary losses, we provide you with a simulator.


CSE Social and Cultural activities - ASC

The children’s activities working group was an initiative derived from the Family Party.

Management and elected officials made it possible to take place on June 11, 2022, at Bel-Air. This was a great succes, many thanks for your participation!

Anticipating the Amadeus France merger-absorption, the CSE is opening two new platforms accessible to Amadeus S.A.S employees:

  • ProfExpressonline tutoring support from CP to BAC+2. A unique service, in France, and already used by the CSE Amadeus France. The CSE Amadeus offers it to you now and for the next school year.
  • Gymlib is a mobile application for your sports activities to support you in adopting a healthy and active lifestyle daily.

Their continuity will depend on their success. Do not hesitate to test and adopt them.

Global Grading and Syntec coefficient equivalence 

The CFDT helps you to understand the equivalence of the Nice ex-level, Global Grade level Amadeus Corporate IT and the Syntec coefficients can be found on your pay stubs.

You will find in the Nice Local Level Mapping, you will find help to understand the different possible career paths.

  • Professional path
  • Management path
  • Expert path

RTT Days Balance in Workday

The number of RTT days that appear in “Balance as of Today – Ending Period” is the accumulated number of RTT days for the different expiration dates. The 9.5 RTTs “Accrued in Period” granted in the beginning of June are to be taken before August 2023 and the balance thereof “Beginning Period” must be taken before August 31, 2022.

Disregard the expiration date shown on Workday.

More information on Yammer

Total Reward Package

Your Total Reward Package(TRP) is available! We recommend you save a copy in PDF now. As a reminder, the website is inaccessible during the update period (around March-April).

Amadeus invites nature back into the office

From the Greek “bio” (life) and the suffix “-phile” (who loves), biophilia is therefore the appreciation for life and living. Nowadays, this is particularly the case inside our offices.  

Following the teleworking survey as well asrepeated requests from trade unions, no less than 160 small islands of greenery landscape have been scattered throughout all Amadeus buildings. Following the teleworking survey as well as requests from trade unions, no less than 160 small islands of greenery landscape have been scattered throughout all Amadeus buildings. KENTIA, SANSEVERIA, ARECA, ZAMIOCULCAS, ASPLENIUM, PHOENIX ROEBELENII and CARYOTA, among other plants, now beautify our workspaces. 

An area to put your plant is available, put it on your desk when you are onsite and on a shared shelf when you telework.

Thanks to management  for understanding and taking action on this request from the employees.