Newsletter #120 – New Year 2023 !, NAO 2023 on going, CSE of December 15th in brief, Did you know?

CFDT Amadeus team wishes you an excellent year in 2023, and is at your side to defend and improve your working life and your rights. Our ambition for a more socially just and ecological society will feed our ambition. 

2023 is a pivotal year for the CSE, with the elections of the Social and Economic Committee (CSE) at the end of the year. 

We count on you!

Yearly Collective Bargaining (NAO) on going

The negotiation opens in a context where:

  • In 2022, inflation reached a record level, not seen for three decades.
  • For the year 2022, the monthly gross SMIC will have been revalued by 106 €. That is to say 6.2%, neither more nor less than the Consumer Price Index:
    IPC over one year published by INSEE in Nov 2022
  • Many companies have reacted. For instance, Air France has granted a 5% salary increase to all its employees, along with a €1,000 bonus, in response to inflation, see article dated September 14: […] Severely affected by Covid-19 crisis just like the entire airline industry is, the Air France-KLM group has made a profit for the first time since the beginning of the health crisis in the second quarter, thanks to a clear recovery in traffic.
  • The Amadeus group has been severely affected by Covid-19 crisis, as has the entire airline industry, but has been making profits for six quarters. 
  • Amadeus has refused to implement the compensatory measure of the Value Sharing Bonus (PPV French government proposal), despite the CFDT’s request this fall at the CSE, and has referred us to the NAOs. That’s where we are!
  • Although certified Top employer 2022, Amadeus seems ready to accept that its employees may lose purchasing power, i.e. suffer a drop in real wages.  


The CFDT Amadeus team’s approach in these negotiations is to consider a “reference basket”, the portion of our income devoted to restricted expenses, which we are asking to be re-evaluated according to the Consumer Price Index: 6.2% (see article INSEE: IPC over one year published by INSEE in Nov 2022). This estimate is, at a minimum, the decrease in real wages suffered in 2022 by each employee of the company. This minimum increase represents 3.4% of the total wage bill.


All the Amadeus SAS trade unions are unanimous in their demand for a minimum salary increase, and have sent the following preliminary inter-union requests to management:

    • global increase envelope that allows real salary increases to be granted and the efforts of employees to be recognized, in a context of permanent reorganizations and a continuous increase in the workload.
    • A floor increase of €170 gross per month to minimize the impact of inflation.
    • An automatic matching contribution to the PEE of 300 % backed by participation and profit-sharing or, alternatively, based on the voluntary payment by the beneficiary of an initial payment of €400, instead of €300 today and €200 % employer contribution.

As a response, although systematically opposed to general increases, management implicitly recognized the relevance of the principle of a floor, since it proposed a floor increase of 83€ gross monthly. Management stubbornly refuses to communicate anything about its intentions in terms of salary increases and still refuses to make the PEE evolve.


This proposal is considered totally unsuitable by all the trade unions. Also, we alerted employees through this inter-union communication and a survey:

To best defend your interests, we need you

Thank you for answering this anonymous questionnaire

We count on you!

CFDT union remains mobilized, do not hesitate to give us your requests, feedback…

New CFDT contact ex-Amadeus-France


Elia Kerbaje, who was until now the contact point between Amadeus members and the CFDT BetorPub union, is taking a well-deserved retirement. We thank him for his involvement in the union and for defending the employees during all his years at Amadeus. 

Please welcome Denis Gibert who will take over. Denis is a former CFDT elected member of the Works Council (CE) of Amadeus France sas.  

Please do not hesitate to contact him.


CSE of December 15th in brief

Information from the President :  

  • Last events in early December: 
    • Anniversaries of 10, 20 and 30 years on the 3 French sites 
    • Inauguration of ‘Bord de Seine’ premises in Issy-les-Moulineaux  
  • In case of red ecowatt in teleworking see the announcement of December 14th. Depending on your constraints, make your arrangements either by coming on site or by taking paid leave. 

Secretary’s Information :   

  • Children’s Christmas” events:
    • The matinee at Lunapark on December 3, 2 550 persons 
    • The show at Anthéa on December 11, more than 1,600 people over 2 sessions 
  • Budget 2023
    • The Social and Cultural Activities subsidy will increase overall by 5.56%, with the following breakdown 
Sport and Culture
Children's activities
Holiday/Culture Vouchers & CESU
Employee Christmas Gifts
Travel and Rentals
General Expenses

NEW: Weekend Clubs or sporting events with a 300 € ceiling in addition to the existing ceilings 

Modification of the ceilings by entitled person: 

  • Ticketing goes from 150 € to 175 €.  
  • Concert and sports events goes now from 150 € to 175 €.  

Various information :  

  • Health, Safety and Working Conditions Commission (CSSCT): the quarterly meeting took place in Schiltigheim on December 6. 
  • Housing Commission: Action Logement presented an analysis of the services from 2019 to the beginning of December 2022
    • Communication with forums on site, physical and phone permanence, Webinars on specific themes 
    • AL’IN internet platform made available to employees.   
    • The services are:
      • Assistance in finding rental housing 
      • Financing for home ownership or for work projects 
      • Social support for vulnerable employees

The 19 members of the CSE present during the consultations (7 CFDT, 3 CFTC, 6 CFE-CGC and 3 CGT) voted in favor of:

  • The update of the single document
  • The 2023 budget of the CSE

Reminder: Publication of the previous minutes on the page CSE Minutes.

Did you know?

  • Value for YOU allows you to book hotels at prices that only Amadeus can offer. It is only available to Amadeus staff (please note that you cannot book a hotel at Value for YOU for your loved ones if you are not part of the trip). Click here to get the service. For more information click on “Help->Help center” located at the top right of the screen.    
  • Low Emission Zones (ZFE) are set up in the Alpes-Maritines, if needed you can get your Crit’Air sticker on the government website.